Rapid development of china’s luggage industry

The moment, China luggage industry has been rapid development, production and exports rank first in the world, China has become the world’s acknowledged big bags producer. Compared with other manufacturing countries, since China bags complete industrial chain, has a clear comparative advantage in labor-intensive resources and so on, so the rapid development of the industry, […]

Great schoolbag in my memory

Xiaowen is a temperament type of beauty, delicate-looking appearance, particularly visible in southern girl features. Medium height, in particular, love to laugh, laughing eyes, crooked, like last month mysterious sky, particularly cordial. She likes to dress up very easily, occasionally dressed student, a white shirt and a pleated skirt. The shoulder bag is her favorite, […]

Fast fashion mode of operation

Observant women find that when they go shopping, when rolling road, you will find more and more bags in the streets everywhere, or whether stores in shopping malls. Big, small, outstanding, fish, and brand groceries. In the seemingly insatiable demand for market opening in full swing! Of course, this phenomenon with the current market and […]

Bottega Veneta men’s bag creates a new style

Traditionally, men’s supplies should be restrained, delicate without publicity. Even in the luxury market, men’s clothing, handbags women are far from rosy. But Bottega Veneta changed this, flaunt personality Bottega Veneta think men should have the qualifications pursuit of luxury, without just stick gorgeous low-key, which is the Bottega Veneta man bag. Starting from Bottega […]